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Articles of the week #1

24HR's picks of articles you must read, first edition

For developers

Linters have been popular for quite some time now, but there is one Javascript linter to rule them all. ESLint is a great linter for Javascript, and is also my personal go to linter for all things Javascript. But why are linters popular and why should we use them? Check out the article to get up to speed!

Set up React.js the easy way

React.js is an extremely popular View framework for front-end development. There is really no excuse to not try it out at least. So read this to learn why React.js has been a better love story for developers than Twilight

For designers

How to become a unicorn

Some designers want to learn to code, and some coders want to learn to design. A being that is good at both these tasks is very rare, but with a little bit of determination, you can also become a IT-unicorn. Oh and you'll probably need to read this article

Designing for the correct medium

Me being that type of guy who dosen't want to spoil to much, this article is a great read about "designing for mobile"

For those who want to see something awesome

See the Pen SVG bubble pop CSS animation by Demian (@demianpt) on CodePen.