Pet Projects

“Imagination does not become great until human beings, given the courage and the strength, use it to create.”
― Maria Montessori

The Hamstercise Project

Ever feel like you’re trapped in a hamster wheel? You’re not. But how many turns of that wheel does a hamster take in a day? Simon decided to find out.

The Lens of Clarity Project

Did you notice that the Asus Zenfone 7 PRO downgrades image quality for SnapChat? Erik did, and then wrote a lens to solve it once and for all. Find it here.

Letar du jobb? Då kanske vi letar efter dig... kolla vår sida med lediga jobb, eller skicka in en spontanansökan.

The 1001 Albums Project

There’s a list of 1001 Albums you should listen to, but where to begin? And how to keep track of which ones you’ve already listened to? Fear not Alexander has solved it.

The Analytical Song Project

What does Spotify think of the music you’re listening to? Well, quite a lot actually, and rather unexpected things at that. Marcus and Tina visualised it for you.
(NB, there's a hidden login button in the top right corner)

The Mechanical Keyboard Project

The modern hobbyist builds mechanical keyboards, the 70’s hobbyist used to woodwork. Can the two combine? With LED and plexiglass? As Camilo has proven, they can.

The Lifecycle Project

Would you like a hook that runs before a react component is mounted? OF COURSE you would, who wouldn’t? It’d be rude not to. Tina and Marcus created repo for it.

The Box Organiser Project

So you’ve bought a niche, maths heavy boardgame about the space race, to play on your own, and you ask yourself – could I take this one step further? Kristoffer has proven that it’s possible.

The Betting Project

There are many sports, and many leagues and championships. But only one person can be the best at predicting how they will end. Alexander and Erik will help you find out who it is.

To stay curious, and to keep learning are two very important traits for a web worker. We sometimes make things for the joy of making things. This page is a growing collection of projects that people at 24HR have done, mostly in their spare time, that we think deserves some attention.

All illustrations are made by Victor, one of our developers at the 24HR Malmö HQ