We Are a Digital Agency

We have been releasing digital projects at a steady pace since 1996. The secret behind our success is quite simple, we know things change, and we know the best way to tackle that is to stay three years ahead of our competition.

Being the future, rather than reacting to it.

That in turn has given our clients a headstart on things like responsive web pages, OpenSource CMS, headless CMS, API First architecture, page-builders, and more.

Curious minds

We’re driven by curiosity, and the best way to fuel that is to have ambitious clients with big ideas.

We’ve always believed that technology could be used for more than showing text and images on a screen. Ever since the days of MultiMedia CD-ROMs we’ve been creating rich interactive experiences with our clients.

Back in the day that usually meant some nice animations, but for the last decade that has meant building useful tools that either give our clients or their clients superpowers. We’ve built CMSs, a CRM, countless configurators and calculators, real time event management tools, and an award winning skiing game inside a banner ad.

Create or calcify

We can back up all our buzzy talk with concrete examples of what we say. When we say we were early on the headless cms train, we can prove it with this video of our tech lead describing Headless CMS before there was even a term for it. When we say we’re creative we back it up with a bunch of pet projects from our talented employees. When we claim to have come up with responsive web design, we can show you the archived version of the website where we implemented it, back in 2008.

Award winning Flash-banner

You’re not supposed to brag in Sweden, but seeing as this is the English version of our website we’re even posting this diploma for our award winning Flash-banner.

Sadly we don’t have a copy of the email where one of the websites it was hosted on asked if they could keep it up, even after the client stopped paying for exposure.

A blast from the past...

Fluent in en-intl

At the time of writing all but one of our clients are located in Sweden, some are multinational, and a couple have English as corporate language. Like most swedes we are pretty fluent in English, although we tend to mix the queens variant with the American one… What we’re trying to say is that if you're curious about working with us, you won’t have to learn Swedish first.

Right where we need to be

Just as with all other companies, 2020 gave us plenty of opportunity to practice running projects remotely. In fact, two of our most challenging, and most exciting, projects ever were initiated, run, and delivered by remote co-workers to remote clients. So if you worry that physical distance might make it harder to collaborate with us, don’t. You’ll meet us in the exact same place as you’ve been meeting everyone else for the past twelve months. Teams, Meet, Zoom, Slack … you name it, we’ve used it.

But we’re gravitating back to our nice new office, in the heart of Malmö, south Sweden, where we have a complete set of all the talent that is needed to initiate, produce, and maintain large digital projects. We believe in the importance of cross pollination of ideas, so we make sure we have a diverse set of skills in-house. Where others tend to think of release day as the end of a project, for us it’s just the end of the beginning.


We know the digital transformation inside out, and we love to give our clients a head start by providing leading edge solutions. If you’re ever so slightly worried about selecting a remote agency, don’t be, we’re only a mouse click away. And if you think our decades long expertise, and award winning creativity, is expensive… well, we’re not cheap. We're not trying to compete on price.

But if it’s bang for the buck you’re after, then don’t hesitate to contact us. Also, have you seen the exchange rate for the SEK lately?

What now?

If you would like to know more, or perhaps you've got a concrete project you'd like to get a quote for, just fill out the form and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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